About My First School

My-First-School is a personal project for photographer, Andrea Francolini, who has a keen interest in Pakistan's diverse society. Away from the struggles reported by the media, Pakistani people are open, friendly and family-oriented but face serious challenges in everyday life just to make ends meet. Children can be affected more than most.

Education, as expected, can take second place to survival in these circumstances, and Andrea's goal is to help these families send their children to school for a basic education which then allows them to get more out of life - something we take for granted in western society.

With your donation, Andrea intends to return to the northern part of Pakistan and get personally involved in helping to buy basic schooling equipment, things like notebooks, pencils and erasers, which will benefit the children - especially girls who can find it harder to attend school. In the longer term, My First School may even be able to help build classrooms and fund teachers to support the goal of education.